The Metro Atlanta Chapter has three elected officers that comprise the executive council over the Chapter. The Chapter Chair, Chair-Elect, and Chapter Treasurer must be Clinical Fellows in good standing of GAMFT, reside within the geographical boundaries of the Chapter, and be willing to serve in the community as an official representative of GAMFT and the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy as a whole.


Nominations & Elections Timeline*

To be nominated for one of these positions, you must have previous experience regularly volunteering with the Metro Atlanta Chapter in an appointed position for at least six months. Alternatively, you may qualify for nomination if you have served in another Chapter in the state of Georgia OR another MFT organization in the United States and can provide us with recommendations that speak to your service. 


The call for nominations shall occur in the third quarter (July-September) of a calendar year corresponding to Chapter election cycle. All members of the Chapter shall be notified by email as well as at the first Chapter Meeting that quarter.  Nominations may be submitted by any member of the Chapter, and shall be included in the slate of nominees if the candidate is eligible and has agreed to serve.   


The election of Officers shall be conducted by a ballot of all Clinical Fellows and Pre-Clinical Fellows in good standing of GAMFT who reside within the geographic boundaries of the Chapter. Write-in voting shall be allowed, provided the write-in candidates are eligible and have agreed to serve if elected. The candidate who receives the majority of votes for each office shall be elected. Ballots shall be counted by the Chapter Executive Council. In the event that a candidate is running unopposed, the Chair will entertain a motion to elect the candidate by acclamation. 


* Please note some logistics and dates within this timeline may be subject to change