Metro Atlanta GAMFT places a special focus on budding MFTs. For a profession to thrive, it's our job to be reaching out to the next generation of systemic therapists!


The road to a fully licensed clinician can be mystifying and lonesome. We're here to support your professional and personal growth, whether you are a trainee working with clients in practicum or a postgraduate in the field.

Student Engagement + Empowerment


Are you super outgoing? Love to mingle and network? Then you may be perfect for harnessing the power of student participation. As part of the Emerging MFT Initiative, this committee plans outreach with local students and university programs, creates regular student-focused opportunities to connect, and hosts events of all shapes and sizes for the current or prospective MFT student in the Metro Atlanta Chapter!

Pre-Licensed Connector


Are you a postgraduate working toward licensure or remember what it felt like to be one? Do you find yourself thinking, "Wow, if only I had known that when I was pre-licensed?" Excellent! Help us connect recent graduates (those already local to the peach state or recently transplanted to Atlanta) to Metro Atlanta GAMFT. We can facilitate support around their unique needs. We'll plan and execute Emerging MFT Events, help in any way we can with the licensure process, point to exam resources, be a lighthouse in the stormy weather, and connect them to their fellow MFT family!